Constituent Societies


SMFS Southern Roll Call, September 28-29, 2017

Speakers' Profiles
Resilience Matters - VanScoy
Resilience Matters - O'Donnell

Resilience Matters - Masterson
Resilience Matters - Coffin
Resilience Matters - Cole
Resilience Matters - Suggested Nashville readings
Luncheon Address - Saving
Mass Transit - Hutchinson
Mass Transit - Burns
Mass Transit - Lyssy
A Tale of Three Cities - Whitworth
A Tale of Three Cities - Dubrowski
A Tale of Three Cities - Greive
Got Water? - Newby
Got Water? - Anderson
Got Water? - Scott
Got Water? - Healy
GASB 77 - LeRoy


SMFS Teleconference, Sept. 7, 2016

Link to Jacksonville Pension Presentation
Link to Moody's Pension Presentation

SMFS Teleconference, June 27, 2013:

Link to presentations
Link to recording

SMFS Teleconference, Sept. 12, 2012:

Link to Atlanta Financial Update.
Link to Economic Update.

2017 Officers

Current Chair Angela Kukoda Hilltop Securities
Treasurer Dennis Whittaker Arvest
Secretary Emmanuelle Lawrence  
Membership Ann Earley Edward Jones
Education Ted Damutz Moody's
Education Co-Chair
Adebola Kushimo Moody's
Immediate Past Chair Barbara Vanscoy Alpha Impact Advisors
 At-Large Jason Diefenthaler Wasmer Schroeder & Co, Inc
At-Large Susan Dushock Suntrust
At-Large Suzanne Finnegan Build America Mutual
At-Large Gabriela Gutierrez Fitch Ratings
At-Large Patricia Healy Cumberland Advisors
 At-Large David Johnson Sterling Capital Management
At-Large Steve Nelli Wells Fargo Securities
At-Large  Lisa Schroeer S&P Global Ratings
At-Large Reid Tomlin Wasmer Schroeder & Co, Inc

The SMFS Board looks forward to hearing comments and suggestions from their members. To e-mail any of the SMFS Board, just click on their name.

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