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Special Edition NFMA Bulletin

Please click here to read the special edition of the NFMA Municipal Analysts Bulletin, dated October 26, 2021. This special edition was published to provide NFMA members notification that the NFMA Board of Governors have approved a change to the NFMA mission statement, which represents an amendment to the NFMA Constitution. The proposed amendment is subject to a 60-day comment period by NFMA Regular Members.

What Analysts Need to Know About Government Accounting

Dean Mead of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) will provide an educational seminar on the rules that state and local governments follow when accounting for and reporting their finances. This event will take place virtually on the afternoons of December 1 and 8.  During this in-depth discussion, participants can expect to hear:

  • The basics from the perspectives of the financial statement analyst
  • How the accounting standards affect the information that analysts receive
  • The significant new changes to government financial reports

The seminar uses An Analyst’s Guide to Government Financial Statements, 3rd edition, as its text. Registrants should purchase the text (code GUG03R3) from GASB.org. The cost is $19.95 plus shipping. In order to have the book in time for the first session, orders would need to be placed by 10 pm on Monday, November 22. The presentation slides will be provided to the registrants in advance.

To view the full program, click here.

To register, click here.

Educational Programs

Due to COVID-19, the NFMA has had to cancel in-person events through the end of 2020, and extending into 2021. In place of in-person events, the NFMA offers virtual events in the form of webinars.  Please watch the NFMA Event Calendar for news of upcoming webinars, and the return of in-person events.

Traditionally, the NFMA has held an Annual Conference each spring. The conference provides members with the opportunity to hear presentations, to meet with members of other Constituent Societies of the NFMA, and to contribute their efforts to the overall advancement of the NFMA. At the conference, the NFMA presents awards to individuals and organizations for extraordinary contributions to municipal analysis. For a list of past award recipients, click here.

The NFMA has also presented its Introduction to Municipal Bond Credit Analysis each fall, covering a wide range of topics/sectors geared to the needs of new analysts.  Advanced Seminars each fall and winter cover in-depth current topics of importance to the industry for seasoned analysts.

Constituent Societies hold educational events for members. Many of these events are open to members of other societies within the NFMA, and are posted on the NFMA's Event Calendar.


Want to Learn More About the NFMA?

Individuals wishing to consider membership in the NFMA are invited to listen to NFMA 101. Click here to view the Webinar.

Market Advocacy

The NFMA has been a strong advocate of improved disclosure in the municipal market since its inception. Throughout its history, the NFMA has issued recommended best practices, white papers, comment letters and position statements on relevant topics in the municipal market. To view NFMA papers, go to Resources.

Job Bank

The NFMA maintains a job bank for its members. Employers may submit job postings via this link: Job Bank Submissions