The NFMA is governed by a Board of Governors pursuant to the NFMA Constitution. The NFMA Constitution provides seats for up to 19 Governors. The Board of Governors comprises elected members of the NFMA, including up to six at-large members. The seven member Executive Committee manages routine operations of the Board and carries out directives of the Board. The Executive Committee consists of the four officers of the Board, the Immediate Past Chair, and two other individuals selected by the Chair. Day-to-day operations are managed by the Executive Director.

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Officers & Staff


2021 Chair - Anne Ross

Executive Director - Lisa Good

2021 Vice Chair - Rachel Barkley



2021 Treasurer - Ron Mintz



2021 Secretary - Mark Capell 



NFMA Board of Governors - 2021

Name Seat
Anne Ross* Chair
Rachel Barkley* Vice Chair
Ron Mintz* Treasurer
Mark Capell* Secretary
Nicole Byrd* Immediate Past Chair
Dan Aschenbach At-Large
Geoffrey Buswick At-Large
John Ceffalio At-Large
Neene Jenkins At-Large
Angela Kukoda At-Large
Adebola Kushimo At-Large
Dan Barton BMAF
Carol Spain CMAS
Jason Pollack CSMA
Richard Raphael MAGNY
Jane Ridley MARMOT
Matt Hilliard MSMA
James Balazsy PhAMAS
Lisa Schroeer SMFS
Betsy Shelton Alternate

*Executive Committee Members