Strategic Planning

In 2018, the Board began a multi-year strategic planning initiative. In August 2018, the Strategic Planning Committee met in Chicago for a two-day planning session which resulted in our 2018 Strategic Plan. Since then, the 2019 Strategic Planning Committee with help from the Board and several other committees have begun to research and implement aspects of the 2018 Plan. The 2019 Strategic Planning Committee prepared an Annual Report to outline the aspects of the Plan that were undertaken this year and what was accomplished. It also provides a history of the planning process that can be shared with new members and provide guidance for future strategic planning initiatives. We encourage members to review the report to see all the accomplishments. The Strategic Planning Committee wants to thank everyone who helped shepherd these initiatives including the Board, Governance Committee, New Member Advancement Committee and the boards of the constituent societies. We look forward to continuing the momentum set in 2019. To access the report, please click here.